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Research name availability, laws and regulations prior to forming your Massachusetts LLC or Corporation using these links:

  • Name Search
    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides a comprehensive search function. Search by entity name, ID number, filing number or by the name of an individual officer/director. Be sure to select the search type you want from the box on the right hand side of the page. For pre-clearing names good choices include "begins with" and "soundex".
  • Law Code
    Before starting a business in massachusetts it is a good idea to know the law. The General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides a multi-faceted search page.

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The following links will help to comply with Massachusetts laws and administrative rules for doing business after your entity is formed.

  • Massachusetts Business Licensing Guide
    The information available at this link focuses on Licensing and Regulation information for business. Professional, Trade, Environmental, Consumer Protection and Health and safety are covered. Local licensing requirements are outlined by the Massachusetts Municpal Association and the Commonwealth Communities.
  • Business Tax Registration
    It is always surprising to find an unknown or expired site security certificate at a State agency. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue WebFile for Business page on had such an expired or unrecognized certificate in early March, 2011. If you can click past all the browser security warnings you will find:
    The Department of Revenue WebFile registration page for payment and filing of taxes and fees for business. A handy tax guide, broken down into employer withholding, sales and use, materialman sales, meals, room occupancy, pension withholding, alcoholic beverage, sightseeing, vehicle rental, parking, cigar and corporation taxes is available.
  • General Tax Information and Forms
    The miriad of separate business taxes are outlined with links to major areas of interest. Current tax year information, filing and reporting, logically, are available. Child support services and municipal information clutter these pages for the business user.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
    WCRIB (The Workers' Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau) pages provide a large volume of information useful to applicants, payers and employees. The data is not organized so much as just presented so finding what you need may be difficult. Luckily, contact information is available at the top of each page.
  • Unemployment Insurance Tax
    The Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) site on contains information organized as the Office is. Information for the various stakeholders is tabbed at the top. Unemployment information is presented in the left sidebar. The business resource link eventually lands you at the Unemployment Insurance Regulations page.