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Research name availability, laws and regulations prior to forming your West Virginia LLC or Corporation using these links:

  • Name Search
    West Virginia Secretary of State makes a very clean and simple search page available. Select "Show advanced search options" if you need more than a general search of business oganizations. This link is very slow to open at times, be patient.
  • Law Code
    The West Virginia Legislature makes the State code searchable and browsable online. Use the drop down list to browse and the search box otherwise. You may search by chapter or the entire code.

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The following links will help to comply with West Virginia laws and administrative rules for doing business after your entity is formed.

  • West Virginia Business Licensing
    The Business for West Virginia webpage appears to be an attempt to get a handle on government. The State runs this site but will not guarantee it is accurate since the State agencies are not "required" to provide the data they are trying here to organize. At least the information they do have is logically organized.
  • Business Tax Registration Forms
    The West Virginia State Tax Department is a no nonsense outfit. The site appears to only reluctanctly have included images. Tax registration forms for the various taxes and fees the State collects are all in one place. Registration procedures and forms are at the bottom of this page.
  • General Tax Information and Forms
    While this page looks almost exactly like the page above, it is not. This is the home page of the State Tax Department where you will find general information about taxes and fees.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
    You must apply for and open a Business4WV account (available from link on this page) in order to use the business portal for Workers Compensation tasks.
  • Unemployment Insurance Tax
    Here again you may create a Business4WV account to use the portal. Other tasks that can be completed using your Business4WV account include State Taxes, Secretary of State fee payment and others. This link is for the general page for Employers to get more information.