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Research name availability, laws and regulations prior to forming your Arizona LLC or Corporation using these links:

  • Arizona Revised Statutes
    Regularly updated statutes are available online. Corporate formation issues are addresses in Title 10. A nice feature of the Arizona Revised Statutes page is that you can search within each title separately from the home page.
  • Name Search
    Searching for existing entities will generally clear your name. If, however, you wish to do a specific check or reserve your entity name in Arizona you may for a fee. We will perform the final check when we file to create your entity.

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The following links will help to comply with Arizona laws and administrative rules for doing business after your entity is formed.

  • Secretary of State
    This is the general access portal of the Arizona Secretary of State. This is a filing office for all required filings in the area of elections, lobbying, business, notary publication and advance directives. Use the links below to navigate to business specific pages.
  • Administrative Law Code
    Arizona corporation laws section 10 for Corporations and Associtions. This link details the sub-sections of the corporation laws.
  • FAQ
    Questions frequently asked of the Arizona Corporations Division.
  • Charitable Organization Services
    Not-for-profit entities have their own section of the Arizona Secretary of States pages. Name searches, instructions and specific rules governing fundraising in the State of Arizona are available here.
  • Business Licensing and Taxes
    The three layers of registration are outlines on these pages from the Arizona Department of Revenue. Transaction Privilege Tax License, Professional License and Local Business License are explained with links to more specific information for each.
    The Arizona Commerce Authority is the agency that hands out subsidies and assistance to business. It makes good sense to keep an eye on this page to see if your business can benefit from "incentives".
  • ALIS Legislative Tracking
    This is where constituents can keep track of what the legislature is up to. Bill tracking, contact information, floor calendars and more are available all in one place.