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Research name availability, laws and regulations prior to forming your Virginia LLC or Corporation using these links:

  • Name Search
    A useful review of the rules and procedures for registering your business name should precede your search. Online checking of name availability is not available, so the State suggests you call to clear the name by phone using numbers available on the site. You can search for Virginia corporations and other entities online but cannot pre-clear the name.
  • Law Code
    Search the Code, Administrative Laws and/or the constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each section is searchable separately.

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The following links will help to comply with Virginia laws and administrative rules for doing business after your entity is formed.

  • Virginia Business Licensing
    Finding out if you NEED a license can be a bit of a chore in Virginia. Consult this list of administrative agencies and professions to find out more.
  • Business Tax Registration
    A handy page to bookmark if you are doing business in Virginia, the general information page from the VA Department of Taxation helps you navigate all facets of taxation.
  • Virginia iFile system
    The iFile system from the Department of Taxation and Employment Commission allows you to quickly file and pay a variety of taxes.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
    The Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission allows registered users to administer claims and get information on rules and policies on this page. Webfile links are provided as well.
  • Unemployment Insurance TaxThis page makes tax filing (ifile) and registration (ireg) fairly straight forward.