Registered Agent Services in All 50 States

All corporations and LLCs are required to maintain a registered agent and a registered office within the State where the corporation or LLC is formed or qualified to do business. A registered agent is an individual person or a corporation or LLC registered in that State. The registered office is a physical address where the registered agent is located. The registered agent is required so that the State has a physical address where it can serve process on the corporation or LLC to let the entity know that there is a law suit or other legal action pending. The registered agent is required to ensure that the corporation or LLC receives the process so that it has time to respond to the action in a timely manner.

Registered Agent Services


Who Can Act as Registered Agent

In most States the corporation or LLC can not act as it's own agent, however an individual person, such as an officer, director, manager or employee of the corporation or LLC can act as the registered agent for the entity if they have a physical address within the State, where they would be able to accept service of process on behalf of the entity. In many States the registered agent must sign an acknowledgment that they are willing to act as registered agent for the entity before the State will file the new corporation, LLC or qualify the entity in the State.

What are the Advantages of Using a Registered Agent

There are several benefits to using to provide you with a registered agent in your State.

  • Timely notification of any service of process received. We will send you an e-mail as soon as we receive service to notify you of receipt. We offer several options to send the service to you. If it is not too long we can scan it and send it by e-mail so that you receive it immediately or we can send it to you by courier (for an additional fee or on your account number) or regular mail.
  • Never worry about your employees or customers knowing that you have been served. If we accept service for you, we will only notify you. There will be no process server coming to your home or place of business.
  • We will remind you when any annual filings are due to the State so that you do not miss any important filings or tax payments.
  • If you move or change your address, you will only need to notify us of your move. You will not need to notify the State of your change of address and will not need to file any documents with the State which would also require paying the State additional fees to file the change.


Perhaps most importantly, you need to maintain a registered agent, so you should select one that will keep an eye out for YOUR interests. Privacy, simplicity, compliance; For all the best reasons, chose Corporate Consulting Ltd.