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Research name availability, laws and regulations prior to forming your Delaware LLC or Corporation using these links:

  • Name Search
    A classic pre-clearance application here allows users to search the Delaware Division of Corporations database of entities.
  • Law Code
    Search each title of the Delaware Code or follow the link to download the code in eBook format for easy reading on electronic devices.

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Why Incorporate in Delaware?

The premier state for making incorporation easy and affordable is Delaware. More than 695,000 businesses make their legal home in Delaware, including over 50% of the Fortune 500. Delaware is our lowest price jurisdiction. Delaware corporation law continues to evolve as the most advanced and flexible in the nation. Delaware's Chancery Court has written most modern U.S. corporation case law. Delaware is indeed, "The Incorporating Capital of the World."

Some specific advantages of incorporating in Delaware:

  • A single person can hold all corporate offices in a Delaware corporation.
  • Delaware corporations need not have a corporate office in the state (though the law does require a Delaware Registered Agent).
  • Low annual fees in addition to the low up front filing fee.
  • Delaware has no income tax for Delaware corporations that operate out of state.
  • Delaware offers unmatched flexibility.

The Tax Foundation placed Delaware #8 for best Business Tax Climate for 2011, and this is just the most recent award won by the State Division of Corporations. For more, right from the source, see the online booklet titled Why Corporations Chose Delaware.

Choice for All

If you have a choice regarding jurisdiction to form your Limited Liability Company or Corporation, we think Delaware deserves your consideration. The most recent, and impressive, statistical report from the State of Delaware Department of State, Division of Corporations for 2011 is now available.

Why Delaware?

Somebody told me Delaware Offered Complete Anonymity

It is clear from Delaware Law and Division of Corporations policy that Delaware does demand some information about entities formed in Delaware. The latest revision to the Registered Agent listing standards include ... "Listed Agents may not market or claim through the registered agents" website or those of an affiliate or affiliated party that the State of Delaware or its officers, Delaware law, or the Division of Corporations provides for "anonymity", "secrecy" or "hidden owners" (or substantially similar claims). "
Such marketing is harmful to the State, deceptive and contradictory to Delaware?s entity statutes and case law as follows:

  • All filings with the Delaware Division of Corporations are public record including annual reports listing directors of corporations;
  • Delaware legal entities are prohibited from the sale or transfer of shares or ownership interests in bearer form;
  • Every Delaware legal entity is required to provide its registered agent with the name of a natural person who acts as the communications contact for the entity;
  • Delaware registered agents are required to retain the above communications contact information; and
  • Federal and state laws provide legal mechanisms, recourse and due process to enable officers, directors, shareholders and law enforcement to inspect the books and records of an entity.

"Why do corporations incorporate in Delaware?" There is not one answer but many. They include a modern and nationally recognized corporation statute and a well-developed case law that facilitates business planning; the respected Court of Chancery to deal with corporation law issues should they arise; an efficient and user-friendly Secretary of State's Office; and a legislature that puts a high priority on corporation law matters and is committed to keeping Delaware's business laws current.

Certainly, some of the parts of the package that encourage companies to incorporate in Delaware can be imitated, even duplicated. But most of them cannot. In any case, the total package, and the synergies that its various parts lend to one another, make Delaware the premier home for corporations today."

~Lewis S. Black, Jr.

The following links will help to comply with Delaware laws and administrative rules for doing business after your entity is formed.

  • Delaware Business One Stop
    The Delaware Division of Revenue's One Stop Business Registration and Licensing System, upgraded February of 2011, is the place to start IF you intend to do business within the state of Delaware.
  • General Tax Information and Forms
    A link page to help you navigate the Delaware Division of Revenue.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
    The Office of Workers' Compensation administers and enforces Delaware laws, rules and regulations regarding industrial accidents and illnesses. This site is focused on the employee, not the employer. Private insurers provide workers compensation insurance. Contact your agent for more information.
  • Unemployment Insurance Tax
    Some helpful definitions are provided up front. The rest of the page is organized as a Frequently Asked Questions page. Unemployment Insurance is run by the State in Delaware.