"I wish to express my gratitude and satisfaction for connecting me with Mr. William Stevenson PhD of National Tax Consultants Inc, New York. At a critical point for my clients and me to meet important deadlines for completion of mandatory procedures before the Treasury Department, with a very short period of time left to meet the deadline, Dr. Stevenson's highly professional service assisted us in meeting the filing requirements and prevented our clients of possible fines." Sincerely,
Milic Stankovic Attorney at Law, 11158, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Corporate Consulting Ltd.

We offer our worldwide customer base a comprehensive referral service that includes accountants, attorneys and other business professionals.

Corporate Consulting Ltd. is proud to introduce one of our affiliates, an international taxation expert at National Tax Consultants, Inc.

National Tax Consultants Inc.

National Tax Consultants (NTC) has been at the forefront of a nationwide effort to change the IRS into a leaner more responsive organization that provides a SERVICE to the taxpaying public.

Dr. Stevenson, started National Tax Consultants over 25 years ago in an effort to provide effective representation of their clients' interests before the IRS. As an Enrolled Agent, he is licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers at all administrative levels. Dr. Stevenson has also been admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court as a nonattorney. This distinction has been granted to about 250 professionals in the nearly seventy year history of the Court. The firm offers a full range of accounting, tax and financial services.

Worldwide accounting and tax planning is something large corporations make use of regularly and with the help of National Tax Consultants, your small company can benefit from the same tools and techniques. NTC's services help our international clients make the best use of their US presence..

"Dr. William Stevenson president of National Tax Consultants, Inc. (a tax preparation and taxpayer representation firm for individuals and businesses) have provided us with timely, friendly and expert support in all stages of our company incorporation helping us solve, tax, accounting and banking issues quickly and efficiently and get us up and running quickly and hassle free. The combination of Ready2Inc.com and Bill's NTC Inc.'s services are truly unmatched. Highly recommended."
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